User reviews of the hipster business concept generator

My hummus store was floundering, but one quick visit to the hipster business concept generator was life changing. Now I run the top-rated Icelandic farm-to-table hummus and organic bitters purveyors in my neighborhood. Thanks, hipster business concept generator!

Heather, London

I never imagined that I could ever start my own business, but I came across your site while at work one day. Now here I am two weeks later with a burgeoning Independent antique nanobrew and micro-batch vinyl records meet up. You guys are the best, hipster business concept generator!

Sawyer, Mobile

I've been really into kombucha even before it was cool, and now because of this site I am living my dream as the owner of a Buddhist upcycled kombucha and fair trade wood carving lair. Yippee, hipster business concept generator!

Jane, Seattle